How to Draw a Chibi Goth Girl


The first thing you will do is draw out the shape of the chibi goth girl's face like so. There is an indent along the jaw line like you see here.


Next, draw the shape of the head followed by the straight cut bangs. The bangs should have notches between them like so.


This goth girl's eyes are closed so all you have to do is draw in thick, long, big lashes. Color them in as well.


Draw in a small nose, then draw the small shaped lips for her mouth. You also need to color in her lips.


We will work on the body. Start with the shoulder and arm to the left, then draw the left side of the body shape like so. She is going to be wearing a halter top style dress.


Now you can draw her small chibi arm and small hand. When that is done draw and color in her bracelet.


Continue on with drawing her dress by adding the straps, then draw the arch for the shape of the breast. Draw and color in a fringe style choker and add a pendant if you like.


Simply draw the rest of her chibi body shape like so, then proceed to step nine which is your last drawing step.


Lastly, draw the long thick straight hair, then make the ends of the hair wave away from the body. If there are mistakes erase them now.


You are done with drawing your chibi goth girl. Color her in and that's it.

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March 14, 2017

Description: Drawing chibi people has just gotten a whole lot better because today I will try and do my best to show you "how to draw a chibi Goth girl", step by step. I didn't just want to make a chibi character using the same old techniques especially for a Gothic figure. To kick things up a notch I went ahead and did something different. I made a chibi Goth girl in a tradition miniature person version with a real nose and lips. The hands, big size head and big eyes are all characteristics you will see with a chibi, I just added something more. So go ahead and have fun. I will be back with something uber cool in a few.

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