How to Draw a Goth Anime Boy


Start out by making the head, torso and arm guides like so. Add one facial guideline too.


Instead of starting with the face, you will draw in the hand. The fist or curled in fingers should be angled instead of rounded. You are now done to go to step three.


Sketch out the shape of the face like so, then sketch in the long bangs for his hair. When that is done you can then proceed to step four.


In this step you will sketch out the long loose sleeve. Add the wrinkles on the sleeve, and then sketch in the detailing to the sleeve which is nothing more then creases and folds.


In this step you will finish the hairstyle and when you do this make sure it's sort of messy. Draw in his eye, the other is not visible. Add thick lining to eyelid and then draw a nose and mouth.


Completely draw out the entire body. Sketch out his neck shape, then the shoulders then his last arm or sleeve.


Here you will draw in the shirt collar, wrinkles on the front of the shirt, and then his hand. You are all done with your drawing. All you have to do now is erase the guides and mistakes.


Here he is, all ready to color in. Now you have yourself an anime style goth boy. I hope you liked this lesson folks.

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May 30, 2017

Description: So you want a lesson on drawing a gothic style anime boy huh? Well guess what here it is now. We will learn that drawing a goth anime boy isn't all that hard because there are simple aspects to drawing boys then there are to drawing girls. Either way you will enjoy this lesson so be sure to let me know what you thought of the whole concept. Thanks guys and enjoy.

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