How to Draw a Cartoon Witch

Artist: Dawn / September 17, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step you will start drawing out the guidelines and shapes to make a frame for your witch. Start with a circle for her head and then add the facial guidelines including the hat line that goes across the top portion of the head. Next draw   

Step 2.

Now herein this next step you will first start drawing out the shape of the witches hat and then start sketching in her face starting with the long nose, and the outline for her eyes and chin. Then draw three finger shapes on the right and then her h   

Step 3.

Next finish the hat off and then sketch in her mangy looking hair and eyebrows. Draw the thumb and then the shaping and lining for her right arm, back, and thigh as shown. Give her left leg a hint of a boot and leg and now you are ready for the next    

Step 4.

In this step you will first focus on her face by giving her a mouth and two teeth on the bottom of her jaw. Next make an arched line for her cheek and then give her a pinky. Draw a long straight line for the broom handle and then draw out a shape for   

Step 5.

In this last drawing step you will first give this witch some eyes and pupils and then color in the pupils. Now draw a band on her hat and then the rest of her hair on the lower left side. Detail her palm and clothes a bit and then finish drawing the   

Step 6.

When you are done your drawing should come out looking like this. All you have left to do now is color her in and call it a finished drawing. You have just completed this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon witch step by step. Like i said before i will   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 17, 2008
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Description: Hello once again fellow artist I am back with another drawing tutorial for you all. Today there are some wicked cool tutorials that I will be showing you all how to draw, but lets start with this first one which is going to be on how to draw a cartoon witch. The last witch I drew really wasn'tโ€™ what you call a typical witch that I would display in a window or on a door for Halloween. Frankly it is not even what most people would expect to see if they wanted to learn how to draw an everyday, ugly, green faced, wart nose witch. With this tutorial I tried to make the witch as simple as possible because I know a lot of young kids must come here and they would want to tackle something more on their level. I will place this tutorial under novice because she is really not hard to draw at all. When you draw cartoons it is the simplest thing to accomplish. This is because there are no complex lines to learn how to draw, and there is hardly any detailing what so ever. Cartoons are just lines that are drawn out in a simple way which come together to form a bulky or bold character that is easily colorable and achievable at the same time. When I was drawing this witch I put a slight twist on her. I wanted her to resemble the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz in a way with her green face and pointed nose. At the same time I made her look like a Halloween witch by making her look like one of those door hangings that you see posted around the neighborhood. Either way witches are cool to draw, color, and create. This cartoon witch will surely have you glued to your seat because she is so incredibly adorable and ugly at the same time. When you are done you can use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to color her in your very own way. I hope you like this new version of a witch that I made for all of you, as you can see she is very simple so even you young kids out there can have fun with this one. I will be back with more cool tutorials for you all so stick around, you wont want to miss whatโ€™s coming up next.