How to Draw a Witch

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Start this first step drawing out th frame and shape of the simple witch you are about to draw. First draw the shape for her head and the outlining of her hair style. Next sketch in the facial guidelines. Next draw a line for her neck and than the sh   


Now in this step you will start to draw out the lining of her beautiful long black hair which include her bangs. Next shape out the lines for her deceiving eyes and start shaping up her chest with round breast. Draw out the shapes of her arms the rig   


As you can see this step is all about drawing and sketching out the details and definition on the witches dress and hair. You will first need to draw in lines to shape up and detail her hair and shape out the bottom of her hair that is visible on her   


You will be detailing her hair some more and actually sketching in her eyes, nose and mouth. You will next have to draw in the pentagram symbol as her belt buckle and detail her dress with more wrinkle lines to give the loose flow effect. Also draw a   


More detailing and definition needs to be sketched in. Start with defining her hair with light strokes of your pencil or tool of choice. Than draw in her hairy mole and another pentagram as a charm for her choker. Detail her dress with more definitio   


This is what your witch should look like after you are through. You can color her hair in any color you wish along with the dress. Be creative and choose your own color if you like. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw a simple witch step   

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June 11, 2008

Description: This next tutorial is going to be on a character that has been associated with Halloween. Today on DragoArt you will learn how to draw a simple Witch. I say simple because it is not your typical looking witch. You see, I gave her a witch feel along with a Gothic twist. I decided to do this witch because this is my interpretation on what a witch is and how they are looked upon in the real world. Many centuries ago witches were known to be evil and they were said to be the mistresses of Satan. Today, the traditional looking witch is generally portrayed as an old hag, dressed in a long black dress with a big pointed hat flying around the skies on a wooden broomstick. The definition of a witch has many meanings. My favorite of all definitions is a woman believed to have supernatural powers and practice sorcery, and often believed to be aided by spirits and practices witchcraft. You will often see movies and cartoons portray witches with large sized cauldrons which they stirred up their brew and spells into. They are usually sitting on a big pile of chopped wood with flaring flames running up along the sides of the over sized pot. It is also said that witches use frogs as a main ingredient to their potions. Witches also perform spells using immolations or bindings of a wax or clay image and even sometimes small dolls to cast spells on individuals. This is similar to voo doo that is practiced by many Medicine Men of other cultures from different countries. Like they could take the puppet or doll and stick pins into the arms to afflict pain, or even put a pin threw the chest to pierce the heart to give the individual the feeling of a broken heart. There are a lot of movies that I love that are about witches like The Craft, The Witches of Eastwick, Practical Magic, and even that T.V. show called Charmed. I really do dig movies like that but I do not practice any form of witchery what’s so ever. In this tutorial you will learn "how to draw a simple witch", step by step. I hope you enjoy yourself and remember you can make her look like anything you want. You can even change the style and color of her dress.

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