How to Draw a Chibi Witch, Chibi Witch

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Start with an egg shape for the head and then draw in the facial guidelines as well as a body guide.


Sketch out the shape of the witch's face, and then draw in her typical style witch hat like so.


Next, draw in her hair, and then draw in the shapes of her eyes using the facial guides you drew in step one. The top lid lining should be thick and lash filled. Draw the eyeballs, and then draw the eyebrows, nose, mouth, and some warts of course.


The head and face is all done. You will now draw out the small shape of her body and handless arm.


Draw in the other arm, and then lastly, draw out the witch's broom handle, and bristle. Clean up the drawing and you are all done.


The line art looks awesome and ready to color in. Now that you have another witch drawn, you can show everyone how you turned it into a chibi figure.

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October 6, 2011

Description: Another great chibi Halloween figure to turn into a tutorial is a witch. I must have gotten nearly seven requests for a chibi style witch and I think that some of you will agree when I say that this is an awesome depiction of a witch in a chibi-sized state. Here is my version of "how to draw a chibi witch", step by step. I purposely drew her in a side view pose so she would be a whole lot easier to replicate. The simple clothing, face and broom are all very easy to draw and one of the great things I love about this witch is the fact you don't have to worry about drawing hands or feet. That right there takes out a task that can be sacrificed in order to get a simple enough tutorial that so many will enjoy. Drawing a chibi witch has never been so fun to do. Peace people and enjoy!

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