How to Draw Vampire Fangs and Teeth

Artist: Dawn / September 17, 2008

Step 1.

This isn't really a step. I just drew a quick visual guide on how the vampire fang looks like from different angles. The first view of the fangs is a side view which is described to you in the picture. The middle is the front view and the third is th   

Step 2.

Okay this is your first step. You will draw a lip line that is curved as shown to you here. It almost looks like an ocean wave. Next draw a straight line in under the middle of the lip so that your four front teeth come out nice and even. Next draw t   

Step 3.

Now what you do here in this step is draw the top part of the lips in a nice even wavy format. Next start drawing the opposite side of the fang and tooth lines s shown until you have a semi full shaped set of teeth and gangs. That is it for this step   

Step 4.

In this next step you will start to draw out the lining for the tongue that gives the appearance that it is sticking out at you. After you do that you can now finish off the left side of the mouth with the smaller fang and detail the tips of both fan   

Step 5.

The only guideline in this step that you will have to erase is the one under the four front teeth. You can go ahead and do that now. Next detail the teeth with simple scratch lines and then detail the tongue and the right smaller fangs as shown.

Step 6.

And wha la! This is what your vampire fangs should look like when you are totally done. What you will want to do now is color the lips in and add a little blood detailing on the fangs as well. You are done. That will do it for this tutorial on how to   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Okay I just submitted a tutorial on how to draw a witch right? Well check this next tutorial out. Right now I will be showing you how to draw vampire fangs and a tongue all in one. The vampire fangs that I am gonna show you how to draw a wicked cool and you can use this tutorial when you want to draw out a vampire, you will have all the knowledge you need to make a vampire complete when you teach yourself how to draw these fangs. I was thinking to myself “what would Halloween be if there was no tutorials on vampire fangs”? I mean if you think about it, the vampire or Dracula is one of America’s top characters to dress up as when Halloween approaches. There are at least four basic characters that are popular when it comes time to dress up for the holiday that is loved by boys and girls. First you have Dracula, then a zombie, a mummy, and of course a witch. Vampire fangs are probably the most popular accessory to buy even if you are not going to dress up as a vampire for Halloween. The fangs I drew today is what a typical vampire mouth should look like. Of course being a girl I had to include the seductive candy apple red lips. One of my favorite vampire based movie is Fright Night, that movie is awesome even today not matter how old it is. I would have to say my second favorite movie is Interview with the Vampire that too was wicked. Did you know that there are people that get permanent vampire fangs constructed for their teeth? You can also buy vampire teeth that look and feel like real teeth which are glued to your canines like a cap. I had a cheap pair of those teeth like two years ago that I purchased from a Halloween specialty store. The capping glue that came with them was totally whack because it didn’t even hold the teeth in place. Anyway, I know you will all love this tutorial on how to draw vampire fangs step by step. Don’t forget I included the tongue as well and an extra step that shows you different angels of vampire fangs. Have fun people and stick around for more.