How to Draw Meatlug, How to Train Your Dragon

How to Draw Meatlug, How to Train Your Dragon
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Meatlock looks like a big meatball. Make a round shape for the head, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


At the top of the head guide, draw the two small round eye shapes like so, then draw the mound shape for the snout or nose. Add the nostrils on the sides, then proceed to step three.


Here you will draw out the actual form of Meatlock's face and or head. Notice that there is a series of bumps at the bottom of the head shape, these are all part of the texture of his skin. Add wrinkles around the eyes, then move along.


You will now need to draw out a great big mouth opening like so, then color in the nostril holes. Add more bumps on his face before leaving this step.


Okay, you are almost done. Draw in his nasty row of sharp pointed teeth, then draw in the eyelids, as well as eyeballs and pupils. Lastly for this step, draw the frills or horns at the top of his head.


What you will do here is just draw out the stubby reptilian arms and hands like so, then draw in some of the back part of his body.


Before you sketch in all the texture definition to the surface of the skin, you will need to erase your mistakes. Once that is done, you can begin drawing the blotchy marks all over the face, arms, and body.


Here is Meatlock when you are all done. Now you can color him in using the same tones as a meatball.

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September 22, 2012

Because the creators of 'How to Train your Dragon' want to create a sequel as well as releasing a cartoon series which is watchable at Cartoon Network. I created this tutorial not only because people have requested it, but because I love the Cronkle's design. The Cronkle that Fishlegs adopts is now named 'Meatlug'. The name is pretty fitting for this dragon character too. This specific species are like the bulldogs of dragons. Anyways, I know you peeps will enjoy this tutorial, especially if you're a HTTYD fan. Make sure to prepare yourself with the correct tools needed in order to complete into a final product. Take your time, and if you want to challenge your skills, go ahead and turn this preview image greyscale and shade in a similar style :) Thanks guys for viewing, and let me know what your favorite character from the series is!

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