How to Draw a Cartoon Dinosaur


Make a series of circle to form the body frame as a workable guide. This should also include the neck guide and limb guides.


Next, sketch out the head and upper mandible shape like so.


Now draw in the bottom mandible and jaw line which is very prominent.


Sketch out the detailing to the snout which is the nostrils, and indent, then draw the dinosaur's eye and teeth. The sharp teeth should overlap and rest on the bottom jaw or lip line. Add some scaly spots on the face as well.


Now you can draw the long curved neck, then draw in the dinosaurs skinny short arms and stubby hands.


You can now begin the drawing process for the body. Start at the base of the neck, then draw the thighs or legs as well as the round belly or stomach.


Cap off the leg shapes with some feet. Notice that the toes are round and the claws are sticking out. Add wrinkles to the toes as well.




After you draw in the dinosaur's tail you can move to the last drawing step.


Now you can add the dinosaur's stripes and be on your way. Erase the mistakes and guides first though.


That's all there is to it. Now you can have a blast coloring in your cartoon style dinosaur.

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June 26, 2014

Description: Sorry folks, I honestly don't know why I made this lesson on "how to draw a cartoon dinosaur". I know I have a few already so there was really no point in drawing dinosaurs in cartoon form. I don't get requests for these extincted reptiles/animals, but my little sister did ask if I had any new dinosaur tuts so since I didn't I do now. Drawing dinosaurs can be a daunting task but hopefully this lesson helps. Anyways that's about all. I don't know how many of you will find this lesson likable or useful, I'm sure there will be a handful so enjoy.

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