How to Draw an Ankylosaurus For Kids

Artist: Dawn / January 26, 2013

Step 1.

We will tackle this species in a side view fashion so let's begin. Make a few circles, one will be for the head, the other for the body, and one more for the tail. Connect the head to body with the shape of the neck, and the tail to the body with the   

Step 2.

Draw the head and snout like so. As you can see this part of the dinosaur looks like a turtle which is also a reptile.

Step 3.

Continue on by drawing out the entire body outline and shape. Draw the small trunk like legs, as well as the stomach and neck.

Step 4.

Finish the body by drawing the other two legs and feet, then the ball tipped tail. Draw in the spikes along the back line like so, as well as small ball like spikes on the tail. Add the head and cheek horns, then draw in the eye, and nose bone.

Step 5.

Add the rest of the horned plates like so, then erase the mistakes and guides that you made throughout the lesson.

Step 6.

You are ready to color in your work and use it in your next landscape dinosaur scenery.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Awe, look at that adorable face on this Ankylosaurus that I made in a for kids fashion. On again with the dinosaur tutorials because not only is my sister getting a kick of the new tuts, other people are as well. Today we will be learning ""how to draw an Ankylosaurus for kids", step by step. These famous dinosaurs are most recognized for the bone plates that resemble spikes scattered on their bodies. They have horns and spikes on the nose, cheeks, top of the head, back, sides, and tip of the tail. They are uniquely fabulous, and have a way about them that you just love to study. Drawing an Ankylosaurus for kids is going to be a blast because you will see how easy it is to draw one of the most characteristic dinosaur species that's ever lived. One last lesson coming your way so stay where you are because the fun isn't over yet.