How to Draw a Burning Rose

Artist: Dawn / March 7, 2017

Step 1.

Make a circle for the base guide for the flower.

Step 2.

Sketch out the first pedals. This consists of three lines and all of the are sort of crooked.

Step 3.

Make more of the flowers pedals like so, then add some shape and wave to the edges.

Step 4.

Sketch in the detailing to the inner or middle part of the rose like so. When that is done proceed to step five.

Step 5.

Here you will begin shaping out the flame that is rising from the rose. The lining for the flame is jagged to add more punch to the design.

Step 6.

Begin drawing out the leaf bedding that the rose lays on or is attached to.

Step 7.

Finish sketching out the leaves. This time they will be larger, and more defined. Sketch out the prickly stem as well as the thick thorns. Erase the mistakes when you're finished.

Step 8.

Here is the line art when you are all done. Color in the rose to your liking.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 7, 2017
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Description: Every now and then I get the urge to draw flowers. I always like to experiment with roses when I get to drawing them so here is one that I think you will all enjoy. Up next, we will be drawing a burning rose, step by step. Instead of making a rose in full bloom, I decided to draw a rose that is in the process of blooming. The flame rising up from the pedals makes a nice subtle touch to convey a burning rose. Anyways, have fun with this lesson folks. If there is something that you would like to see on Dragoart, just drop me a request.