How to Draw a Rose in Pencil

Artist: pericusmaximus / January 3, 2013

Step 1.

This is the simple initial sketch. It is a pure linear drawing with no shadow, just trying to focus on proportions.

Step 2.

The sketch moves ahead trying to pay more attention to proportions and without worrying about shadows and details

Step 3.

Once the sketch is done in previous step I add some tone with the HB or 2B pencil, I do not use the darkest tone, just a basic overall tone that will help in next steps to compare the local tone of each shape.

Step 4.

Once the first basic tone is added, I blend and soften the edges with a blending stump or a soft fabric cloth

Step 5.

As the linear drawing was gone after previous blending, I make a new linear drawing this time with more attention to proportions.

Step 6.

I step back and see the drawing from the distance, squint to see the tone and try to make adjustments for each shape.

Step 7.

I repeat the process once again: adding tone> blending shadows and egdes> linear drawing again > adding tone... Here is the final drawing, a simple and beautiful rose with a powerful method.

Step 8.

This is the tonal analysis, you can see there are only five tones. It is possible to make all kind of realistic drawings with just five tones. Visit my website for more tutorials . Enjoy!

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Artist: pericusmaximus
Date Added: January 3, 2013
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Description: Learn how to draw a beautiful rose with this simple and powerful method, you will achieve a nice realistic result.