How to Draw a Black Pegasus


Begin the first step by making the shapes for the body and head like so. When that is done draw the big long lines for the wings, then add the limb lines as well.


Here you will draw in the horse's head. When that is done add the small pointed ears. Notice the tip of Pegasus' nose is pointed.


Begin sketching out the mane which should be long and flowing.


You will need to draw the mean expressive eye with the brow being dark and bold. Add the definition line that flows down the snout and then add a swirl for the nostril. Make the mouth line too.


Sketch out the thick muscular neck, followed by the muscular shoulder and front leg which is extended and stiff looking.


Finish drawing Pegasus' front body which is the chest and left leg or limb.


We will tackle the task of drawing the rest of Pegasus' horse body. This should include the back, butt, stomach and one of the rear legs.


Add the other hind leg and draw in the hoof.


Now that the body is almost done, you can draw in the long wavy tail and then add detailing to the tail.


Add the rest of the mane, then you can proceed to step eleven.


Draw the wing and add the layer of feathers.


Draw the next layer of feathers which should be thick, long and nicely shaped. Add some soft feathers near the arm of the wing as well.


Lastly, draw the other wing and add layers of feathers too. Erase the guidelines and shapes and you are done.


The line art for a new Pegasus is done. You can color it black, white or whatever shade you like.

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November 7, 2014

Description: There are many ways to create new versions of Pegasus and here is one of them. I wanted to do something different and alive feeling and since I haven't really made any lessons on a new Pegasus, why not go all out and make this one on "how to draw black Pegasus", step by step. As you know black stallions are often referred to as being a bit more hostile then your typical white colored horses. The aggression comes from a dark soul, but this soul can be tamed to be obedient and loyal with end results being a horse that is more powerful, courageous, and noble then a lighter shade horse or Pegasus. I love the way this drawing came out, and if you are one of the members that asked me for a tut on drawing a black Pegasus, I hope you are happy with the results. Enjoy folks and stay tuned in because there is more lessons coming your way.

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