How To Draw Horses


Draw four circles to form the basic structure of the horse like in the picture. The left circle on the bottom row should be slightly bigger than the right circle on the bottom row.


Join all the circles with slightly bent lines.


Now draw four lines for the legs, with the hind legs bent back as shown. Also add circles for the knees and ankles.


Add right angled triangles below the ankles with the sloped side at the front as shown.


There isn't actually that much to this step as you would think. Draw wavy lines at the back of the horse for the tail. On the head draw ear shapes as shown with two slightly bent ears for both. Then the eye is made by drawing a circle with two dots a   


Now go around the sketch as shown, using the 'Skeleton' we made as a guide. If you are going to colour it in, don't do a mane just yet.


Now rub out the sketch and you have a horse! Just colour it in then shade it if you want. Only do the mane after you have coloured, or it will be too hard to colour.

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August 14, 2013

Description: Learn how to draw horses easily!

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