Easter Heart Drawing

Easter Heart Drawing
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Begin by drawing a simple heart shape like so.


Next, draw in the shape of your first Easter egg in the center of the heart or wherever you like inside the heart.


Draw in the remaining shapes of all the eggs inside the heart and then you can proceed to the last drawing step.


Add your choice of decorations to the eggs you just drew and now you are finished.


Here is the line art. Now you can go ahead and color in your Easter eggs and Easter heart.

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March 23, 2016

You know it's in my nature to draw hearts for almost every occasion and since I don't have a tutorial on an Easter heart, that is what I will be showing you how to draw today. Easter is on Sunday March 27th this year in the United States, and for those of you who celebrate the rebirth of Christ, I think you will find this lesson pretty fun, simple and maybe even a little exciting. The heart is made of just a regular outline of a heart. The inside is filled with a bunch of eggs decorated to celebrate the Easter holiday. The great thing about this lesson is that you can pick and choose what colors you would like your heart to be, and you can decorate your eggs with any pattern you like or make up. I do hope you have fun, I don't have any more Easter related tuts to upload so if I don't tell you guys ahead of time, have a happy Easter.

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