Drawing the Congressional Medal of Honor


Make some guides first starting with a horizontal line, and then a simple sun in the center.


We will now make a ring shape like so using the circle you made in step one.


In the center of the medal you will draw the head of Minerva in the center of the circle like so. This is a simple lined depiction of Minerva who was actually the Roman goddess of wisdom.


You will now draw the five points of a star and add detailing inside each one like you see here.


Up next, draw the laurel wreath which surrounds the star like so.


We will now draw the metal bar and hinges attached to the star like you see here.


Write the word 'Valor' in the center of the bar like so.


Up next, we will draw in the eagle that rests upon the bar.


We will now draw odd shaped square which is where the stars will be drawn into. This is attached to the tips of the eagles wings like you see here.


Lastly, draw in the stars and you are ready to erase the mistakes along with the guides.


This is the line art folks. Color in your drawing of the Medal of Honor and show someone what you have just drawn.

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October 28, 2015

Description: Welcome back to another fun filled tutorial day. I will be starting the day by showing you all how to draw the Congressional Medal of Honor, step by step. This medal is given to soldiers who went above and beyond the call of duty. When a soldier puts his/her own life in danger to save the lives of others, they will receive this highly decorated medal, which also happens to be the highest US military decoration that is awarded by Congress to soldiers for their unconditional bravery. Anyways, this is a fun and exciting lesson to tackle. I know it will mean something special to all you folks out there who have a loved on in the military. I will be back soon so stick around.

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