Denji, How to Draw


Start with the guidelines and shapes for Denji.


Here you will begin to draw out the shape of Denji's face, and then draw out his ears, neck, and some of the hair.


Next, draw the spike-like bangs, as well as the brows and the start of the eye lines.


Draw in more of Denji's hair and then proceed to draw out his eyes. Once the eyes are complete you can draw the nose and mouth.


Finish off the head shape/hairstyle. Once that is complete y ou can get started on the jacket. Draw the jacket collar and then add some detailing to his neck.


Continue to work on his jacket and then draw the collar bones and chest indent.


For the last drawing step, you will draw out the shoulders and add texture detail to the sleeves of the coat. Erase the mistakes and the guides to clean up the drawing.


Here is the line art when you are done. Denji is ready to color in.

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February 5, 2024

Description: Okay, so let's switch it up a bit and do a lesson on a Chainsaw Man character. Here is how to draw Denji, step by step. He is the main character from the series and he was really fun to draw. If you like Chainsaw Man, then you will love this tutorial. I will be back with one more lesson so stick around or come back around. Don't forget to love, like, fav, comment, and SHARE!

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