Witch and Skulls Drawing Lesson

Artist: Dawn / October 8, 2022

Step 1. Guidelines

Like I've said so many times in my drawing tutorials, we must first start with the guidelines to use as reference so we have a general idea where to place important parts of the body.

Step 2. Facial Contours

Next, lets draw the profile contours of the face. We will first draw the nose and then the lips and because this is a female face, a small soft chin. Don't forget the piercings!

Step 3. Facial Features

Next, let's draw her eye and brow, don't forget to sketch in that super hot brow ring ;)

Step 4. Face Shape and Hairline

Let's draw the jawline as well as the hairline that frames the edge of her face. Keep the features soft and sweet, no harsh edges/lines until we get to the tasty skull designs!

Step 5. Hair Shape

Then, let's shift our attention to her hair and use thin strokes with your pencil to etch in some light strand definition to the hair to give it some dimension.

Step 6. Animal Skull

Now, the tricky but totally fun part, drawing the animal skull! When I sketched the concept for this part, I started with the general outside line shape roughly to figure out realistic placement for the contours of the animal skull. So basically, ske   

Step 7. Horn Shapes

Next, let's draw the horn shape and use thin lines to detail the ridged pattern of it.

Step 8. Body and Hair

Next, let's draw the body and add some flowy locks of hair to emphasize some movement in the piece.

Step 9. Skull Lines

Then, we're gonna draw some skulls. This was my favorite part as I was working on this piece. Start with the largest skull first and then draw them smaller as they move closer to the edges of the body to kind of add some variety of depth.

Step 10. More Hair Work

Let's finish off drawing her hair so we can now shift our focus to minor details.

Step 11. Shading Work

Lastly, lets revise the drawing and add some shadow/final touches.

Step 12. Final Line Art

After you've revised your drawing and are satisfied, go ahead and pull out some ink pens and ink your drawing out and then possibly color her? I hope you guys enjoyed this hot lesson on a witchdoctor chick!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 8, 2022
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Description: Hello once again fellow artists. I will begin my tutorial submission day by giving you a drawing concept on a piece of art that I created in an attempt to get some artistic energy out. At the time I didn't know this piece would end the way it did. I initially started drawing an animal skull and then that turned into a horned headed beast's skull, then the face of a woman followed. From there all the ideas started pouring out as I laid them onto my screen. In the end the art concept of a witch girl with skulls was finished and the coloring began. Anyone who colors digitally knows that colors is also like drawing, each stroke you take a new addition forms. Anyways, I love how it turned out and I hope you do too. So go ahead and see if you can replicate this artistic delight on how to draw a witch and skulls, step by step.