Jason Voorhees Drawing Lesson


You will begin by drawing the guides and shapes until you have a figure like you see here.


Here you will draw the shape of Jason's mask and then draw the attachment at the top for the strap.


Use the guidelines to draw out the face for the mask. The eye shapes are oval and color them in. You will then draw the marks under the eyes and between the eyes. Add the holes over the mask and then you're ready for the next step.


Behind the mask you can draw the shape of the head.


Up next, draw the shape of the torso which you should include the sleeves. Notice the holes on the cuffs of the sleeves and then the uneven lines for the jacket.


Draw the handle for the machete and then the hand that holds the machete.


All you have to do is draw the long blade and detail it as well.


Go ahead and finish Jason off by drawing the ends of the shirt which is jagged lining and then draw the pants and shoes. Erase the mistakes and guides then you can color in the holes.


Here is the line art. Now you can have fun coloring in this baby version of Jason Voorhees.

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September 24, 2022

Description: Okay guys. I'm back with some wicked awesome lessons with the first being how to draw Jason Voorhees, step by step. This tutorial will be super easy to draw and follow and the best part, you will have an image that will be entertaining to color and even better to hang up and share. You can even use this lesson to tackle with friends or family because everyone knows that Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, is one of those characters that everyone likes to dress up as and even draw during the Halloween month. I will be back with some other tuts so stay tuned in folks. Adios and don't go too far near the lake or Jason will get you.

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