How to Draw Asgore from Undertale


First draw guidelines to help you.


Then, draw Asgore's beard and crown. I would start with the crown then the beard. It would make it easier for you when drawing the beard.


for his face, draw an oval one on top and one on the bottom. Then make 2 slits for the nose inside the below top oval. for the 2 small oval, make his mouth smiling, you can draw it sad or whatever you like. his eyes are easy. Draw curvy line for the    


Next, draw leaf like shoulder pads. Its simple really.


For his robe, make curves lines under the shoulder pads to make his robe. There's little curves under his beard make sure you draw that too. (Optional) to make his jewels, start by making feather like jewels, but start with the circle to make it easi   


Next draw his horns, they don't have to be like mine. Make sure you don't forget his ears under his beard.


And your done! I hope you enjoyed this tutoriel kiddos!

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May 28, 2016

Description: Here's another tut for you guys. Asgore!!!!!!! I know there's no tut for this guy. So I drew one. Asgore is the king of the underworld. Toriel, his ex-wife, dumped him and moved to the ruins. She thought that Asgore was doing wrong when killing every child that fell in the ruins.

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