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How to Draw Undyne the Fish from Undertale

Artist: bunnyhop23 / May 27, 2016
How to Draw Undyne the Fish from Undertale

Step 1.

First step, make some guide lines to help you draw to the body and face

Step 2.

Start off by drawing a round head like an oval shape. then make 3 pointy spikes for the ears. When that's done, make the skin for the ears.

Step 3.

Draw Undnye's Eyes with a cat eye pupil for the pupil. then make her mad looking eyebrows. make 2 little lines for the nose. When done, make her mouth and her teeth.

Step 4.

Make Undyne's arms and her spear. The fingers can be tricky but try your best.

Step 5.

Draw Undyne's other arm and her chest.

Step 6.

Then, draw Undyne's shirt.

Step 7.

Start drawing Undyne's butt and legs. This is pretty easy. All you have to do is make curved lines for the butt and legs.

Step 8.

Draw Undyne's hair and the end of her spear. The end of the spear are basically triangles, so don't worry to much about that, it should be the easiest.

Step 9.

And your done! i'm sorry for writing so terribly its only my second time doing a tut-Toriel! lol puns. Enjoy!!

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Artist: bunnyhop23
Date Added: May 27, 2016
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Tags: how to draw undertale characters
Description: Heres a tut of how to draw Undyne from dragoart If I were you I would be a liitle more experienced to draw this character. But, whatev's. Anyway, Undyne is a fish monster kind of character and is the protecter/guard for asgore. She likes to hang out with papyrus and has a crush on Alphys.