Sylvester Jr., How to Draw


Okay gang, go ahead and draw out the guide shapes for the frame of Sylvester Jr.


Using the facial guidelines draw in the big round nose and then the lips and mouth.


Here you will give Sylvester Jr. a smile, his whiskers and some wrinkles on the nose.


Give him his puffy cheeks and then the eyes.


Here you will draw in Sylvester Jr.'s head and ears as well as his right hand.


Now work on the body beginning with parts of the chest and left arm. You will also draw in some of his hand too.


Continue to work on the body by drawing out the belly and two legs.


For the last step just draw in his feet and tail. Erase the mistakes and guides to clean up your art.


Now you have a finished drawing that is ready to color in.

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How super cute I like the charming pose you gave Sylvester Jr.



January 16, 2024

Description: Here it is. My second lesson for the day was on yet another Looney Tunes character that I did not see a tut on here. So, here is how to draw Sylvester Jr., step by step. Sylvester Jr. is Sylvester's son. He has a lisp like his dad and everything. I can remember watching Looney Tunes with this little guy in it and he was sometimes the opposite of his father. Nonetheless, he is still a kitty that loves to chase mice so have fun drawing Sylvester Jr.

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