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How to Draw Baby Road Runner

Artist: Dawn / February 18, 2012
How to Draw Baby Road Runner

Step 1.

When drawing baby Road Runner you will need to make two shapes, one for the head and another for the body. Attach the two shapes with a body guide like so, and sketch in one facial guide using a vertical line.

Step 2.

In this second step you will draw the outlined shape of the beak. The top part is just a series of bumps, and then a smooth slightly curved line for the bottom of the jaw.

Step 3.

Draw the oblong shaped head as well as the feathery tuft or crown on the top of the head like so. The brows should be prominent and raised as well.

Step 4.

Using the vertical line you made in step one as your guide, draw the oval shapes for the eyes and then color in the pupils leaving dots of white in each one. Draw in a smile for the mouth as well as the tongue inside.

Step 5.

Next, draw the neck and mallet shaped torso or body, then draw the vertical side lines for his wings.

Step 6.

To finish drawing Baby Road Runner all you have to do is draw in the legs and feet as well as the tall or erect feathery tail behind him. There should be a total of four feather swoops to create his tail. Erase your mistakes to prepare this Loony Too   

Step 7.

Here he is all cute and adorable. Now you can color in you drawing and show someone what you have just created once again. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on drawing baby Road Runner.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 18, 2012
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Tags: how to draw looney tunes characters, how to draw baby looney toons
Description: Last week someone asked me if I could make a tutorial on "how to draw baby Road Runner", step by step. Of course I received the request, but I couldn’t tackle it until I had my previous list done. So today I will be filling two requests on baby figures from the WB group. I had a lot of fun drawing Baby Road Runner because he was actually one of my favorite characters just three years ago. The tutorial isn’t going to be that complex because I made sure to draw baby Road Runner in a pose that would be easy to replicate. The total drawing time took me about forty five minutes from start to finish, with an additional twenty minutes to color in. You will need a regular pencil and eraser when you get ready to tackle this tutorial on drawing baby Road Runner. I have a feeling that he will be liked, and tackled by a lot of members and visitors. Have fun people and don’t forget to rate and comment.