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Go ahead and get your guidelines and shapes drawn out so you have a workable frame for Granny.


Using those guides go ahead and draw in the beginning parts of her face which are the cheeks, chin and right side of the face.


Draw the hair line that frames her face, then draw in the entirety of t he face including the glasses.


Complete her hairstyle like so.


Draw in her hat and then her choker as well as the pendant she wears.


Start drawing her jacket shoulders first and then draw in the lapels of her coat.


Draw in the sleeves and more of the coat followed by the left arm, hand, and shirt which is tucked into her skirt. This will also form her saggy chest.


Here you will draw in the right sleeve and the handles for the bag she is holding.


For the last step simply draw in her hand and the rest of the coat/bag. Erase the mistakes and guidelines to clean up the art preparing it for color.


That's it, you're done. Now you can have fun coloring Granny in.

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January 15, 2024

Description: Okay, everyone. here is another character that I did not see a lesson on anywhere here on Dragoart. So today I will be showing you how to draw Granny, step by step from the Looney Tunes cartoon franchise. She is the one who owns Sylvester the cat as well as Tweety. Her real name is Emma Webster, but we all know her as Granny. There are a few more steps than normal, but she is still pretty simple to draw. So go ahead and give drawing Granny a shot and when you're done upload your art so I can check it out.

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