Tutsu, How to Draw Temtem


For the first step you will draw out the guidelines and shapes.


Next, using the guides draw out the shape of Tutsu's beak, just the upper part for now.


Draw in his eye, the markings on the beak, and then draw the lower part of his mouth like so.


Here you will start working on the head. Draw in the shape of the head and then the feathery neck.


Let's draw in the shape of his check and then some of the right-wing and more feathers on the left.


Continue to work on the wing as shown to you here in this step. When that is done you can work on drawing out the back end of the body and some of the thigh.


Draw out the other thigh and then the belt. You can also draw out more of the wing and feathers.


Lastly, draw the other wing and then give this character some legs and feet. Don't forget to draw the stripes on the feet. Erase any and all mistakes as well as the guides.


When you are done Tutsu should come out looking like the drawing you see here.

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THIS IS AWESOME. Thanks so much for taking my request these tutorials are super helpful.



January 28, 2024

Description: Hey there everyone. I have a lesson that I think some game fans of Temtem will love. Here is how to draw Tutsu, step by step. This character was requested by a member so I do hope you like it. Finding a reference image of Tutsu was very difficult, so I hope I got the character design right. If not, at least you will have a good foundation to fix what needs fixing. Anyway, have fun and let me know what you think.

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