Learning How To Draw A Black Chinese Dragon

Artist: Dawn / December 12, 2007

Step 1.

Begin with a circle for the head and the line of position the dragon is in.

Step 2.

Add the top and lower jaws. Also sketch out the torso and abdomen.

Step 3.

Start fleshing out the neck nice and thickly. Where the neck ends add the shoulder blade. This is where the arm will begin. At the abdomen, start drawing the Chinese dragon's thigh.

Step 4.

Add the eyebrow to your dragon and start drawing those arms. Where the thigh is, ad a heart shaped circle for the dragon's shin. At the end tip of that heart, draw a line.

Step 5.

Next, draw the triceps of the dragon. Then sketch its hands. Aww look how pretti its coming out! Draw the back nice and curved for your dragon. This gives your Chinese dragon some movement. Don't forget to draw the backleg's foot!

Step 6.

My favorite part is designing the dragon's whiskers and horns. Start shaping up that mouth too. A Chinese dragon's ears resemble to a bull's. Don't forget that! Now let's sketch up that beautiful tail.

Step 7.

Shape the hands and the biceps. Also start adding big fluffly remains of the tail. Remember, this dragon is a female, so that means her tail has to be big and fluffy. On the back of her back, dragon a thick line flowing the back's motion. This is our   

Step 8.

Now add a nice fluff the her whiskers. This whisker gives the dragon some balance when flying. Start lining the stomach and the pelvis bone. Make the dragon's foot nice and fit.

Step 9.

Almost done with your Dark Chinese dragon! Start fluffing out the dragon's mane. Give the back those plates we talked about earlier. These have to be nice and thick. *Note: Chinese dragons fly magically, that's why they have no wings. Give your tail    

Step 10.

Erase those unwanted lines and your finished with your dragon! Look how evil and conniving she looks! Watch out, she snaps! Join dragoart.com and submit your own Chinese dragon tutorials. Let me learn from you. I would love to view your work too!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 12, 2007
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Description: The Black Chinese Dragon is a dark coiling dragon. A coiling dragon is a Chinese dragon that lives in mostly water. The best way to spot one of them is in the darkest ocean waters and lakes. She lives amidst the darkest oceans, feeding upon giant squid and sperm whales. This cruel beast will rise out of its waters to feed upon its prey. It is known to curse beings that come by it. The curse consists of bad luck forever or, possibly death. If you happen to be lucky, the backbiting beast will give you a quest to fetch what it wants. But, hardly anyone survives this task. However, the beings that do survive will be granted two wishes. Moving along, this Chinese Dragon holds a secret power that can turn the world into Armageddon. There is only four Black Chinese Dragons, the names are Tagotho: dragon of the Pacific, Shamira: dragon of the Atlantic, Cecilan: dragon of the Indian Ocean, and Harutora: dragon of the Arctic. The Chinese dragon we will be drawing is Shamira: dragon of the Atlantic. The symbols upon her pelt are real Chinese symbols that translate as: evil, cruel, Atlantic, death, and Chinese dragon. It took me a long time to draw these symbols on her. By the way, Shamira is a female Chinese dragon. Females have a furry tail while males have clubs for tails. Males are also bigger and slimmer. They have smaller horns too. Females have larger horns and thicker bodies. Their manes are also fluffier and brightly colored.