How to Draw a Castle

Artist: Dawn / December 10, 2007

Step 1.

First you start this castle drawing with a rectangle shape. This is the base of the foundation.

Step 2.

Then we move on to the oblong shapes which will end up being the two lower towers of the castle.

Step 3.

Then what you wanna do is add the triangle shape right in the middle of the lower towers. Don't worry it gets better.

Step 4.

Next add the cylinder shape on the left hand side and you can start putting some detail sketching in your lower towers. Easy so far right?

Step 5.

Were gonna add another cylinder shape to the right hand side now and a half square attached to the mid triangle. It's getting there

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 10, 2007
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Tags: how to draw castles
Description: This is my first castle I ever drew. When I think of castles I think about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Castles are magical because lots of old stories always had a castle being described in them. One of my favorite movies Warlock had a couple of cool castles, so did Lord of The Rings. Anyways I hope you like it. Be gentle when voting since it is my first one.