How to Draw Yveltal, Pokemon X and Y


Make some shapes which will form the head, torso, wing tips, and tail end. Add the connecting lines then proceed to step two.


Begin sketching out the head and horns like so. When that is done add the collar line, then move along to step three.


Draw the dark marking line that flows from the tip of the nose, to the back of the head. Draw in the small eye, then make the thick, dark line down the neck.


We will now sketch out the feathery collar like so, then add some detailing to the collar around Yveltal's neck.


You will now draw out the large soaring arms or wings like so, then draw in the curled in claws. Make sure that the claws are sharp and pointed. Under the wings near the torso you have to draw in some small points.


Continue to draw out the rest of the body. Include the long thick tail, then draw the thighs and feet which is also the claws.


You will be finished with drawing the tail once you add the pointed curled up tips or thick feathers.


You will now end this lesson by drawing the marking lines through out the wings, body and tail. When you're done you can begin erasing the mistakes as well as guidelines.


Here is the finished drawing when you are all done. Color in Yveltal then you're finished.

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January 10, 2013

Description: Okay here is the last legendary Pokemon that you will be getting a lesson on. Here is "how to draw Yveltal", step by step. This is some sort of bird like species that is red colored with large sharp claw like talons at the end of the feathery wings. Of course the concept I drew may be different then the actual creation when all is said and done. Even though some things may be different, I'm sure the concept I present to you here is close enough to get an understanding on how this legendary Pokemon will look. As you can see Yveltal is sort of majestic looking because of the large wings. I do hope you enjoy this lesson, it may be a bit tricky to complete if you are a novice artist so beware. Adios people, enjoy.

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