How to Draw Woodstock

Artist: Dawn / July 12, 2015

Step 1.

Draw two circles for the head and body for Woodstock.

Step 2.

Using the head guide draw in the slopped forehead and then the snout. You will then draw the chest or belly too.

Step 3.

Complete Woodstock's small body by drawing some sprigs of feathers that will form the head, back and tail. Woodstock doesn't have connected lines to finish the body.

Step 4.

Lastly, give Woodstock a face by drawing a closed eye with lashes, a mouth, his wing and then the chunky style feet/legs. Erase whatever mistakes you made as well as the guides.

Step 5.

You are now ready to color Woodstock in his bright yellow color. I hope you enjoyed this lesson folks because I know I did.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 12, 2015
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Tags: how to draw charlie brown characters, how to draw the peanuts gang
Description: Everyone loves Woodstock from the Peanuts Gang so why not make a lesson on the very bird that is also in the upcoming film 'The Peanuts Movie' which will be in theaters come November 6th of this year. Woodstock is Snoopy's best friend and pal. It is unclear what kind of bird Woodstock is, but people speculate that he is a canary or other small yellow bird. Despite Woodstock's small size, he seems to be a level headed bird with some smarts. Drawing Woodstock is definitely going to be fun and easy so go ahead have have a go at him. I still have two more lessons to upload so stick around.