How to Draw Sally Brown

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Begin by drawing the face shape for Sally Brown like so and include the ear outline.


Next, what seems to look like a bow is actually Sally's puffball for bangs. I think it's supposed to look like a teased style, but I'm not sure. Draw in the rest of her hair, then move to step three.


Let's draw in Sally's face. Start by coloring in two eyes, then draw the nose, squiggle line for the mouth, then the other ear.


We will now draw her body now that the face and head is done. Add the neck shape first, then draw the dress and collar for her dress.


We can add those puffy dress sleeves, as well as her arms and strips at the base of the dress.


Lastly, draw in her legs and shoes along with the socks and laces. Erase whatever mistakes you made or add touch ups before calling this drawing finished.


Here is Sally Brown all ready to be colored in. Did you have fun with this lesson or what? Great job folks.

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March 26, 2014

Description: Some of you guys may not know this, but Charlie Brown has a sister and she is fortunate to have some hair on her head. If you remember the cute blonde headed girl who wore a pink dress when you watched some of the holiday specials, you just met Charlie's sister. Up next we will learn "how to draw Sally Brown", step by step. Sally is a girl who is very lazy, loves watching T.V., and has a humongous crush on Linus. No Linus is not the dirty one, Linus is the one who walks around sucking his thumb and carrying his blue blanket. Anyways, Sally is Charlie's younger sister. She's not in all of the comics but she is in a lot of them. Drawing Sally Brown should be simple enough. By the time you are done with your drawing day you will have lessons on almost all the Peanuts' characters.

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