How to Draw Twisted Fate

How to Draw Twisted Fate
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First thing we will do is draw the shapes and guides for our two identical skeletons. The center looks like a rounded heart shape.


Up next, you will draw out the heads for each skull or skeletal figure. They should be identical as you can see them here. Add the necks as well which are also made up of bone. Draw the sockets for the eyes and the jaws as well. Sketch in all the det   


You will now draw one torso and a pair of arms/hands. The only thing that is double with these two figures is the two heads. Sketch in all the detailing and definition to the skeletal figure. As you can see they are holding pieces of wheat which will   


Finish the wheat which is plump looking to go with the design of the concept you are drawing here. The wheat represents fertility and new growth/life. Add definition and detail to them as well.


Up next you will draw the legs and pelvis area.You will also need to draw out the detailing and definition throughout the aspect that you are drawing. Once that is done you can add the feet and toe bones as well.


AS you can see here you will draw these large lung like bags or organs. Add layers of detailing throughout the concept like you see here. They almost look like larger pieces of wheat.


Draw in more larger leaves of wheat through the back part of the drawing. Add the detailing to the particles and then finish up.


Here you will add some leaves and other objects for added design.


Again, draw in more decorative aspects to the drawing like you see here.


We will fill in the empty areas around the whole background of the two skeletal figures. Continue to work on the drawing and outline the skeletons.


Lasty, add some shading to the whole drawing like so. Erase the mistakes and guides before doing the shading too.


Here is the final product when you are done. Now you can add some color if you like.

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March 28, 2020

Hey guys. Welcome back to yet another lesson. Up next I will be showing you how to draw twisted fate, step by step. It is a tarot card design that I conjured up and to tell you the truth, I'm in love with it. I there are millions of people who are on the same boat as I when it comes to trying to stay occupied during we are in isolation and keeping the distance from people. I try to keep myself sane by being as creative as I can possibly be and come up with new concepts that play on different subjects and traditions. Keeping with the tarot card series this lesson is based on a design to show how one another's fate can be so different while staying the same. We are all on the same boat folks even though we are in our own different worlds. No matter how twisted this pandemic is, there will be light at the end of the tunnel and for those of you who have lost loved ones, I am deeply sorry. Prayers go out to you all, we can fight through the madness that has filled our lives. Stay strong, occupied and the best way to deal with what is going on is through art. Let those emotions flow out of your soul, through your hands and onto your drawing medium. Have fun with this lesson on how to draw twisted fate. I will be back with other cool, creative tuts so stay tuned in or come back around.

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