How to Draw Barghest

Artist: Dawn / March 28, 2020

Step 1.

The first thing we will do is draw out the guides and shapes to create the workable frame for your Barghest. The small shapes scattered about are for the background objects.

Step 2.

Next, start drawing out the face starting with the head and muzzle. Draw the long brow hairs that flex back from each eye and then sketch in the detailing and definition as well.

Step 3.

Continue to work on the head and face. You will also sketch out the jaw both upper and lower and then sketch in the layered coat that flows from under the jaw, down the neck and to the back.

Step 4.

Begin sketching out the shape of the body which is a mound like arch for the back and shoulders. Draw in some of the legs and paws and then draw the crow that is nestled on the side of the right part of the body. You will color or shade in the areas    

Step 5.

Go ahead and draw the rest of the body and tail and then begin drawing the smoke or wispy aspects of the drawing. Again, add shading and coloring as well.

Step 6.

We will start drawing the background. Draw the smoke or fog that is slowly rising from the earth. The Barghest is actually eating a carcass, so be sure to sketch that part of the drawing as well. Add detailing and definition to your smoke as well as    

Step 7.

Add more shading and detailing to add dramatic effect to the creature. You will also do the same for the one crow flying through the smoke.

Step 8.

We will tackle the emblem at the top which sort of looks like something out of a witchcraft book or something from WoW.

Step 9.

More crows and feathers scattered about. We are almost done, just some more work to the drawing as you can see here.

Step 10.

For the final step you will erase the mistakes and whatever visible guides you see. Add some shading to refine the art.

Step 11.

That's it, you are all done. You can choose to add color or whatever else you like. I hope you had fun with this lesson. Now you can share, fav or love.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 28, 2020
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Tags: how to draw ghosts, how to draw hounds, how to draw beasts
Description: Well guys, I'm back and with my return I bring to you a lesson on a character from Northern English folklore. Today I will be showing you how to draw Barghest, step by step. Most of you probably won't know what a Barghest is and that's okay because up until a few days ago I didn't either. Barghest is a mythical hound/dog with a monsterous build, all black in color and has big claws and sharp fangs or teeth. This mythical beast that is said to be some sort of ghost and if you do some research on this ghostly animals, you will find a handful of tales and legends associated with Barghest. Even some tales from Germany exists too. To me this beast was right up my alley when it comes to art. I was so intrigued about this new found folklorish figure that I wanted to do my artistic take on it. So, having said that, it's time for you to tackle the task of learning how to draw Barghest, the all black dog that walks the earth in an illusive state until summoned. Have fun people!