How to Draw Toph Bei Fong

Artist: terraturtle / August 11, 2012
How to Draw Toph Bei Fong

Step 1.

Draw her head and the start of her hair. In this tutorial we're going to get her hair and face finished first.

Step 2.

Draw her headband and um, "pom-poms" in.

Step 3.

Draw her mouth, nose, and finish her hair.

Step 4.

Draw her left arm.

Step 5.

Draw the rest of her body curving towards the left. And her right hand on her hip.

Step 6.

Draw her left hand in a fist and her right open. Draw her feet barefoot.

Step 7.

Draw her shirts. Make sure to do two different sets of sleeves, the ones underneath should be very loose.

Step 8.

Her pants should also be loose fitting. And don't forgt to draw her "loin clothe".

Step 9.


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Artist: terraturtle
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Description: Adding to my collection of chibi Avatar: The Last Airbender characters. What do you guys think?