How to Draw Tim from Boss Baby Easy

Artist: Dawn / June 9, 2020

Step 1. Guidelines

First, start off with the guidelines for Tim.

Step 2. Face Shape

Next, work on his face shape and ears.

Step 3. Hair Shape

Next, work on his flow of hair.

Step 4. Hair Shape 2

Finish off his hair with the last strands.

Step 5. Facial Features

Then, work on his facial features, beginning with the eye area.

Step 6. Facial Features 2

Then, finish off his facial features.

Step 7. Final Line Art

Once everything has been drawn, you should end up with this. Great job!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 9, 2020
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Tags: how to draw boss baby, how to draw boss baby characters
Description: So you know how to draw Boss Baby, now it's time to learn how to draw Tim from Boss Baby easy as well. His full name is Timothy Leslie Templeton and he is Theodore Templeton / Boss Baby's big brother. The two of them love eachother but have a funny way of showing it and I really love Tim's character as well. So go ahead and enjoy drawing Tim I will be back again so stick around.