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How to Draw Thor and Loki

Artist: KingTutorial / December 26, 2016
How to Draw Thor and Loki

Step 1.

Let's begin with some guide lines for the characters' heads. These are the actual heads and not the shape of the helmets. We'll build that on top of this base.

Step 2.

This is an older, grittier take on Thor than, say, the movie version. We'll give him a strong nose, small eyes, and a prominent chin.

Step 3.

Outline the metal wing on Thor's helmet. Leave some notches on the back to indicate the ends of the feathers.

Step 4.

We'll draw Thor's helmet pretty rounded. In the comics, Thor basically just wears a bowl-style helmet with feathered wings. Here, we'll extend the armor down the back of his neck a bit. This is inspired by the movie design, but not 100%.

Step 5.

Here we'll lay in the lines of the feathers. We can also start to add detail to the helmet. Even though these are angled lines, try to give them a little curve to give both the wing and helmet a rounded look.

Step 6.

The helmet still looks pretty bare, so let's go in and add some more details. Doubling the lines on the jaw gives us a series of grooves. On the big feathers, we'll use angled tech-style lines to break up those shapes a bit. It should look tough, but   

Step 7.

Next we'll draw Thor's cape wrapping over his shoulder. It's bunched together on the front of the shoulder and chest where it's pinned to his armor, and large curves flow up and back over the shoulder. Some of the curves have a sharp curve downward o   

Step 8.

Here we'll tackle Thor's shoulder armor. This is a version of chain mail. Note how the scales are shorter at the top, and a little more narrow at the sides. This helps to give the shoulder a bit of a round shape. We should also draw in some of Thor's   

Step 9.

From here on, it's just a matter of adding detail to your liking. On the face I've added the eyebrow, eye detail and lots of of gritty texture. A little shine is added to the helmet. The black dashes on the chest circle create a reflective, chrome-li   

Step 10.

Now we'll jump over to Loki. His helmet is complex in a different way. We'll begin by outlining the main shape of the helmet, and some of his neck and shoulder armor.

Step 11.

Then we'll add the neck and the profile of Loki's face. I always understood Loki to be an older guy, but he's really young in the movies. I've basically drawn him in a more comic book style, so he looks a bit older and more sinister. Not quite the he   

Step 12.

Continuing the drawing of the face. This is a good amount of detail for the eye without making him look too old. The eyebrow is drawn with a bunch of short dash marks, creating a more natural look. I'm also adding lines for the lips, but be careful n   

Step 13.

I decided to start using a lot of those thick dash lines here. It applies well to his dark hairline, but moreso with the armor detail. By lining large patches of black shadow with these dash lines, we create an interesting reflective appearance.

Step 14.

Back to the helmet. This helmet is longer and shorter than Thor's. I've styled it after the movie version quite a bit. That shape on the front gives him an aggressive look.

Step 15.

This step can be tricky if you're not comfortable with drawing long curves. I suggest practicing on a piece of scrap paper before you do the final drawing. We'll lay down the outline of the horn and top of the helmet, as well as his cape and shoulder   

Step 16.

Now we'll continue to use that dash technique to fill out the armor. First draw in the large sections of black. Leave a white space between your black shape and the outline of the armor. Then start adding the dashes aiming toward the center of the bo   

Step 17.

Here we'll do the same thing in reverse. The opposing dash marks are what creates the "shine" between the two sections of black. This kind of dash or hatching can be used to render a number of different materials. Feel free to experiment with it.

Step 18.

Now it's time for the final helmet detail and the horn. For the helmet, just continue the dash technique. For the horn, we need to draw long, thick curves down the length of the metal. Since it's a chrome-like surface, it makes sense to have some var   

Step 19.

In the final black and white line art, you can really see what that dash technique does. It's pretty striking. I think Loki wins again, just for looking so sharp. Anyway, that concludes the Thor and Loki Faceoff tutorial. I hope you all enjoyed it. F   

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Artist: KingTutorial
Date Added: December 26, 2016
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Tags: how to draw thor characters
Description: Time for another superhero / supervillain faceoff. This time we're doing Thor vs. Loki in a modern/classic hybrid style. Hope you all enjoy.