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How to Draw Loki, Tom Hiddleston

Artist: Dawn / January 5, 2012
How to Draw Loki, Tom Hiddleston

Step 1.

Let's first start with the basic frame for our body base of Loki. You'll want to try to draw these guides accurately, though, it isn't necessary. I like starting off with guidelines VERY similar to these as I draw my rough draft. The faint guide pres   

Step 2.

Starting off with the beginning formation of the face is ideal. You'll want to shape his face shape first BEFORE you add the facials. By drawing facials first, you will confuse your proportions and get lost spending overkill to figure out how to plac   

Step 3.

Then, moving forward with the facials! I had utter fun with this, since Loki has a face perfect for a villain...a quiet - manipulative villain that is. His upper lip is faintly defined because Tom (the actor) doesn't have too much of a top lip. The l   

Step 4.

Now, we must draw the entire head, which IS NOT necessary to draw from this point on. If you'd like, just skip this step. I only added this step just encase you do not want to draw his helmet on. Lots of people prefer drawing Loki without his gear to   

Step 5.

Then, (if you've drawn the previous step), we'll draw the helmet. Again, if you've skipped the previous step and straight to this one, just draw what the red lines define.

Step 6.

Because I simplified the original helmet design, we'll add a few definition that stripes through the armor. Use thin lines for this part; because continuously using bold lines will only tire the drawing. You will create confusing art by using the sam   

Step 7.

Working our way slowly, we'll sketch the shoulder as well as the cape cloaking the shoulder piece. This version of Loki doesn't retain the pimped out armor like the original Marvel designs.

Step 8.

Let's take a deep breath and prepare to draw the arm that will be grasping onto the staff. Notice how the cloak is squandered around the arm, showing that he has just raised his arm, conveying action in this unique pose. I would prefer working your w   

Step 9.

First, sketch the thumb and squeezed palm BEFORE you draw the individual clenched fingers. I do this so drawing the rest of the fingers will be much easier. Remember, the index finger will ALWAYS be raised higher than the rest of the clenched fingers   

Step 10.

Taking your time, work on the staff top to bottom, or maybe from the middle. I decided to draw the staff from the top down. I found it easier this way.

Step 11.

Lastly, take your time and use LIGHT thin lines for the detailing. Like I've stated previously, it's best to use light lines for inner detailing to vary your line weights.

Step 12.

With further work on your drawing, you should have something very similar to this. I would prefer using Micron inking pens or black brush pens for the similar line quality. If you have neither of these tools, merely use a black marker or black pen yo   

Step 13.

Here's the completed digitally colored drawing. Note that I did not finish shading the hand and staff. Enjoy!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 5, 2012
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Tags: how to draw thor characters
Description: Ok sooo, I've recently watched the new Thor movie which came out a while ago (I'm so late when it comes to watching movies). There's this late blooming villain, Loki, who is Thor's brother, but not a blood brother. Loki was taken by Odin from the Frost Giants' lair when he went to retrieve their power source. Odin at the time thought he could use the Frost Giant baby as a tool to create peace between Asgard and the Giants. However, as he aged within his new home (Asgard), Loki didn't know of this; so once he discovered of his origins, all hell broke loose. Odin at the overwhelming argument of Loki, fell into a coma, leaving Loki king and Thor stranded on Earth without his powers. I won't spoil no more, but this dude is extremely popular amongst the movie. Lots of fangirls squeal over Tom Hiddleson, who is the actor of this character. Yes, I agree, he's ok looking, but when you see this dude with blonde curly hair, it totally kills it xD Anyways, "drawing Tom Hiddleson as Loki" should be fun for you, especially if you're a fangirl of his. As Loki or not, you could possibly draw him without the helmet and simply call it finished. I had so much fun completing this during livestream, especially having all you viewers watching me that night. I hope to continue to do more fun tuts like these that have the very same impact. Peace out and good luck, folks! Don't forget to show me how your version turned out!