How to Draw the New York Yankees Logo

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This is going to be a very simple and easy tutorial to do. The first thing you want to do is draw the letter of a capital "Y" as shown. What you will do next is draw out the "N" which is curved in on the left and right sides of the letter.


Now as you can see this step is also going to be simple. All you will do here is start thickening the "Y" and "N" and make sure the bottom middle part flares out as seen here.


This is your last drawing step and what you will do is thicken the remaining parts of the "Y" and "N" letters until they look like what you see here. The tips of the letters should look slightly rounded all the way around.


This is what your symbol should look like when you are done. Now if you want it to be white, surround the background with a navy blue or navy blue pin strips. Either way your logo will look hot. You have just finished this lesson on how to draw the N   

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November 9, 2008

Description: Hello all and welcome back to another fantastic drawing tutorial here on Like always I was going through some of the lesson that I have submitted and saw that there are absolutely no tutorials on any kind of sports related things. So with my tutorials today I am going to submit some interesting drawings on two baseball teams and one basketball symbol. With that said I will now show you how to draw the New York Yankees Logo step by step. Now at first I thought about doing a tutorial on the typical baseball bat with the Yankee hat sitting onto of the bat along with the baseball image in the background. But then I thought “no something simpler”. That is when I decided to do the logo of just the NY which stands for “New York Yankees”. This is what we commonly see on the ball caps sold at “Lids” and other sporting goods stores. For all you Yankee fans out there this tutorial is for you. Let’s talk a little bit about the history of the “New York Yankees” shall we. First off they are the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball's American League and they are also the team that had all time greatest player that ever lived “Babe Ruth”. His record was so impressive that he literally blew away minds with each and every game. Babe Ruth played for the Red Sox from 1914-1919 before he was transferred or traded to the Yankees in 1920 as an outfielder until 1934. Ruth hit a total of 714 home runs in his lifetime from his start in 1914 to his end. The New York Yankees also had other great players like “Yogi Berra”, “Joe DiMaggio”, “Bill Dickey”, “Whitey Ford”, and of course “Reggie Jackson”. I mean there are other great Yankees players but these are the ones that inspired future athletes to become great baseball players. The “New York Yankees” will return to the field in April of 2009 which is in the spring of course. This logo that I will do a lesson on is the Yankees ball cap logo that is seen on all the baseball caps produced. This drawing tutorial will show you how to draw the New York Yankees logo step by step. All symbols used in this tutorial were drawn out by Dragon_Queen, but it is a registered trademark of the New York Yankees. This lesson is strictly used to show fans and visitors how to draw their favorite baseball team’s symbol. I know you will all appreciate the informative lesson. I will be back in a bit with more drawing fun so stay tuned folks.

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