How to Draw The Sims2 Logo

Artist: Twilight_luver / November 12, 2008

Step 1.

The box on the left hand side is made for the word "the" which will come later. The "S" is next then a diamond which will be the point of an "i". The 2 at the end should be spaced well away from the other letters.

Step 2.

in this step you will begin writing an uppercase "T" in the box you made earlier.also add some more detail to the diamond; make a rectangular box for the "i", make two arrows pointing down for the "m" and make a rectangular box for the "i".

Step 3.

Now you will finish the "m" and make the last LOWER case "s"!

Step 4.

This is the second last step and in it you will finish the word "the" in lower case and make straight lines around the diamond.

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Artist: Twilight_luver
Date Added: November 12, 2008
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Tags: how to draw logos, how to draw a logo, draw logos
Description: This tutorial is on how to make "The Sims 2" logo!! Enjoy! The pink is for the things you've already done!