How to Draw the Happy Mask Salesman


Make the shapes and guidelines to create a workable frame for your new Zelda game character.


Next, using the head/face guide you just made, sketch out the actual structure of the Mask Salesman's face. Also, draw in the crooked parted hairline.


Draw pointy ears like so and a little detail.


We will now draw in the dark eyebrows and then the beginning of the eyes. Draw in a very straight lined nose and then the great big smile with the big teeth.


We will begin drawing the body next using straight or angled lines. Draw the shoulders first, then draw in the arms and large hands. Add the nail beds and add the detailing for the shirt.


Create the torso shape and add the last minute clothing detailing to create texture.


Lastly, draw in the flower pattern on the shirt collar like so and then you are ready to erase your guides and mistakes.


The line art ends up coming out like this. You can color in Happy Mask Salesman before you show off your drawing.

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July 19, 2015

Description: Up next, we will be following a lesson that is on a character or figure from the Zelda game series. This character was also requested by a few people so today I will show you how to draw the Happy Mask Salesman, step by step. If you've played the Legend of Zelda game series you should know who the Mask Salesman is. He is the guy who wonders around in search of different masks to add to his ever growing collection. He is a very mysterious character with no real identity. No one knows if he comes from Hyrule, or another place like Termina which is located in a parallel universe. Anyways, as you can imagine drawing Happy Mask Salesman isn't going to be hard. He has a lot of angles and oversized body parts. I hope you enjoy this tut, I will be back with a couple other lessons so stick around.

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