How to Draw the Hamsa Hand, Hindu Hand Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / July 23, 2022

Step 1. Hamsa Hand Shape

First, draw the hand shape for the Hindu hand. I started my hand by drawing the tips first and then worrying about the pointed tapered like fingers at the end.

Step 2. Inner Hand Detailing Lines

Then, we are basically going to re-draw the shape of the hand again within the first lines of the hand's shape.

Step 3. Eye Shape

Lastly, draw the eyeball that sits within the mid-center of the Hamsa symbol!

Step 4. Buddha Hand Line Art

Since we didn't really draw any initial guidelines, this is what all the steps should have you result with (if you drew yours correctly). Thanks for checkin' this tut out and following it through with me, guys, this was definitely something I had fun   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 23, 2022
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Description: Soooo, I've been meaning to make a tutorial on this for a very long time now since I absolutely ADORE the Buddhist style. I've been into Hindu things since I was like 13 after watching the movie 'Mistress of Spices'. Not sure if any of you have seen that movie but it gave me such a magical and mystical vibe, that I had to watch more movies that were Hindu based like that one. I delved deep into more Hindu styled things around 18 and discovered a lot of cool aspects of the Buddhist and Hindu culture. Comment below if you're a fan of this type of stuff and what movies/cultural things sparks your interest!