How to Draw the Detriot Lions

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Let's begin by drawing three shapes, a head, torso, and butt area all in circle shapes.


Begin sketching out the profile of the lion's mane and head or face like so. Start with the forehead then follow the lining straight down to the tip of the nose. From there form the snout, roaring mouth, and chin. The back part of the head should be    


Draw in the lion's eye shapes like so, then proceed on to drawing the first limb. You will draw the front leg and paw by drawing the shoulder first, then proceed with drawing the rest of the lion's limb followed by the paw.


Draw in some of the other front leg as well as the paw.


Here you will sketch out the entire back end of the lion's body. Start with the straight back, hind leg and foot, then the stiff tail with the hairy tuft at the end.


Lastly, we will finish this logo off by drawing the chest, as well as the other back leg and paw. Erase the shapes or guides that you made in step one to clean up the drawing to prepare it for color.


Here is how your Detroit Lions logo looks without color, just simple line art. Color in the drawing to complete it.

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April 2, 2013

Description: I will start my day right by uploading yet another lesson on a sports logo from a team that is based out of Detroit. Here is "how to draw the Detroit Lions", step by step. This silhouette of a pouncing lion is one of my favorite logos I have recreated thus far. The simplistic design and clean lines helps make this lion easy to replicate when it comes to drawing it on paper. I will try by hardest to breakdown the Detroit Lion's logo so all you fans out there have an easy time with drawing the Detroit Lions lion. This team was established back in 1929 with the owner being William Clay Ford Sr. it became part of the NFL or National Football League in 1930, and has Honolulu blue, silver, black and white colors. There is an actual name for the lion too it's 'Roary the Lion'. So go ahead and have fun with this sports tut and I will prepare my next tutorial. Have fun and good luck.

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