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How to Draw Bane, the Dark Knight Rises

Artist: artistperson95 / August 16, 2011
How to Draw Bane, the Dark Knight Rises

Step 1.

Draw the basic shapes of Bane's head, shoulder, and mask/mouth thingy. This is one of the most important steps so make sure it looks good and proportional. One trick is to look at it in the mirror and see if it still looks proportional.

Step 2.

Add more defined shape on his shoulder and mask, also draw in where his eyes will be.

Step 3.

Add more detail to his eyes and the metal things that keep his mask in place.

Step 4.

Add skin tones to his face and shade some more stuff. The left side of his face (your right) will be in almost complete shadow eventually.

Step 5.

Add more detail to his face. Shade in his clothes, paying attention the the highlights around the edges. Start shading his metallic mask with deep shadows.

Step 6.

Finish shading everything including the other shoulder and his mask. Start drawing in the background for the picture.

Step 7.

The part of the picture on the right is complete shadow in the teaser trailer, so that's what I did. It might not look good to you so do whatever you want. You don't have to copy mine. Make sure your highlights are bright and your shadows are dark. S   

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Artist: artistperson95
Date Added: August 16, 2011
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Description: Some of you have probably heard that The Dark Knight sequel, The Dark Knight Rises, is coming out next year. I've decided to show you how to draw Bane, played by Tom Hardy, from the short teaser trailer.