How to Draw The Colossal Titan, Attack of Titan, Shingeki no Kyojin


As usual, let's start off with some guide lines. Draw the eyebrow line and the bulk of the head as one shape. For the lower face, exaggerate the cheekbone, chin and jaw. Draw a little V for the front neck muscles. Then wrap it up by drawing the rest    


I like to start off with the eyebrows, so let's do that. Notice how the main eyebrow is like an angles S shape on its side. The more you exaggerate that shape, the angrier the character will look. The wrinkles on the forehead make him look angry and    


The nose is pretty basic. This guy has very little skin on his body, so the nose and ears are the main features that remain to make him look like a human. The wrinkles around the nostrils add to the angry expression.


You want to draw small eyes on this guy. Almost too small. Keep them squinted a little.


Next we'll draw the outline of the head and the open shapes of the skull around the eyes and on the side of the head.


Strangely, this guy still has lips, even with most of his skin missing. The exaggerated open mouth expression here will let us really show off the teeth later. Give him a big lower lip, because there's nothing but muscle below that.


Here we'll draw the chin, jaw and ear. We can also start drawing some of the skin that stretches around the face and hooks under the jaw, near the corner of the mouth.


The main item here is the open shape on the cheek area. After drawing that, we can go in and start to add details to the head and face. Wrap some wrinkles around the head to show the shape of the cranium. Draw stretch marks on the ribbons of skin and   


Now we can start adding the teeth. Normal human teeth don't look like this. The characters in Attack on Titan are extremely stylized. While some details aren't anatomically correct, they do look cool, and add to the uniqueness of the designs. Begin w   


Now he's really starting to look familiar. Drop in the lower teeth. Draw some vertical wrinkles on the lower lip, and add some stretched skin below the lip. That's where the skin will end. Define the upper lip a bit more and add shadow below the nose   


Next draw the muscle detail on the chin and side of the head. We can add some detail to the ear and skin ribbons.


Here we go. If you've never drawn gums before, either look in the mirror or just feel around your teeth and gums with your tongue so you can get a mental image of what you need to draw. These gums are exaggerated and stylized, but the basic shapes ar   


Here we'll go back in and enhance the shadow using small, dashed lines.


With the head completed, I'm going to speed through the neck and torso. For a more detailed look at how to draw the muscular human body, check out my tutorial on How to Draw Muscles. Here I've outlined all the main muscle shapes.


While it's not absolutely necessary to draw this much detail on the muscles... it just kind of turned out that way in the drawing. At this stage, I was mostly concerned with having shadows in the shallow areas of the neck. On the left, the trapezius    


You can see I went a lot heavier on the shadow below the jaw and chin. Having the upper and lower dashed lines end so close to one another gives that section of muscle a shiny, reflective look. Block in the larger sections of muscle with thick curves   


Use the thick shadow areas to indicate the overall shape of each section of muscle. The open areas with thinner lines are receiving more light than those recessed parts on the ends of the muscles. This is sort of an example of how it's more about wha   


The shoulder is closer to us than the rest of the body, and the upper arm is even closer to us in this picture. Thus, lines of the muscle strands will be thicker as they get closer to us, and the open white spaces will also be a bit larger. Go over t   


Here's the final inked illustration. I did this digitally, based on a pencil sketch I scanned. You can use a drawing tablet on the computer. If you're doing this on paper, though, all that muscle is a great time to use a brush with black India ink. Y   

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January 4, 2017

Description: Hey, guys. This is my first colored artwork for Attack on Titan. I love this series and I really love the Titan characters. So I'll start off a series of Titan tutorials with the big guy who appears first in the series.

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