How to Draw Eren Titan from Attack on Titan


Begin by making two shapes, one for the head and the other for the shoulder. You will then sketch the facial guidelines as well as the shape of the jaw.


Let's move onto drawing the mouth and nose for the Titan. I began by sketching the nose first then moving onto the shape of the upper jaw. Take your time with this, as this is just the preliminary stages of Erin's Titan form, until we sketch the eyes   


Next, let's work on the brow for the eyes we'll be placing next. Make sure that the supporting outer lines are thicker than the lines we use for definition throughout the rest of the face. Note that the little wrinkles which curl up near the nose are   


Then, the most interesting part! Let's draw the lower inner jaw shape. Take your time with this step, because the shape of this jaw is very important. Don't forget to sketch that piece of attaching skin as well.


Time to work on the rest of the jaw! Using your guidelines, draw along the shape of the teeth and move onto the outlines of the hair. Make sure you draw the individual teeth in order as well.


I know, all that hair looks discouraging. No worries! Let's work on the hair little by little, starting with the top of the hair. Work in tapered and jagged lines as they will create the sharp razor edged effect you see in this step. Use thinner line   


End the hairstyle by sketching the razor edged end piece.


He's looking so cool already! How's your drawing turning out? Now that we've reached this far, let's tackle the hardest parts of this tutorial. I know the neck looks a bit too detailed, but by working piece by piece, you'll realize it isn't so bad. F   


Lastly, draw the shapes of the muscles first before actually defining them. It's very important to draw the basis shapes first before defining the muscles themselves.


Without inking your drawing, and after you've reviewed it, you should have something similar to this. I would recommend using a black marker or ballpoint pens for the inking stages (if you're finances are low). If you can dish out enough money to pur   

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August 8, 2013

Description: I will upload the another lesson of Eren today in his human form but for now I will show you how to draw Eren in Titan form because I think he looks incredibly cool this way as well. Eren Yeager is a simple kid that has a knack for being violent, and impulsive. In his reality he wants nothing more than to kill every last Titan on the planet. Even though he feels so strongly for these beings, he has the strange ability to transform into one hell of a Titan himself. He begins his transformation at the neck and from what I understand he can not only summon the body of a 15 meter class Titan, he also has full control of it as well. This might be a time consuming lessons so I think if you where going to tackle the task of drawing Eren in Titan form, you should plan on drawing for at least twenty minutes. Either way, he is cool so it's worth the time. Just in case you're wondering, I got inspiration from Hajmerejzero's Eren titan form artwork. You should check it out, he's pretty good at paintings.

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