How to Draw Taurus Sign

Artist: Dawn / October 6, 2020

Step 1.

You will only need to do two things, draw a large open C shape and then a circle right below it. The C shape should be drawn on it's back.

Step 2.

We will draw the bull horns using the C that you just made in step one.

Step 3.

Here you will start to draw out the shape of the Bull's face and when you do this be sure to connect the face or head to the horns.

Step 4.

We will now prepare the Taurus bull face by drawing some of the tribal like designs on the inside. This will create a nice concept.

Step 5.

Continue to draw the face of the Bull. The middle design will end up being the mid part of the bull's face which is the crinkles of the nose bridge and nose.

Step 6.

To finish off the Taurus bull sign, simply draw out the shapes of the eyes and create the brow bones that are over the eyes as you see here. Erase the mistake and guides created throughout the steps.

Step 7.

Here it is. The final step of what your drawing should look like. Since the Taurus is an Earth element, use hues of brown to color in your drawing.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I have a few Zodiac lessons coming your way and I've started with the ones that are most popular. Here is some information on the Zodiac sign Taurus. First off, the word 'Taurus' is Latin for "The Bull". It is also the second sign of our present Zodiac. You know you are a Taurus if your birthday falls between April 20th - May 21st. Your Zodiac element is Earth, and if you are a Taurus, your personality is strong-willed, with great perseverance and determination. I do hope you like this lesson on drawing the Taurus sign from astrological Zodiac.