How to Draw a Pisces Tribal Tattoo

Artist: xXMedicGirlXx / August 8, 2009

Step 1.

Draw a figure similar to this one. It all starts with an arrow pointing upwards and two lines coming out of the edges. Then draw in what looks like two half moon shapes above the arrow. These will be the fish.

Step 2.

As seen in red, draw out the fish heads and their tails. Starting in the center of the picture below the arrow, begin to draw in the tribal design as shown. The key to this is symmetry! Try as hard as possible to make both the right and left sides of   

Step 3.

Draw in the scales on the back of each fishand then draw two small triangles on each for fins. Continue with the tribal design as shown. Don't forget that the vertical line in the middle should be the axis of symmetry!

Step 4.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I know that this looks a little intimidating to draw, but take it easy and you'll be fine. You see those two lines that fan out on either side that you drew earlier? Those are used for the slant guidel   

Step 5.

You're almost done! Just add a bit more of the tribal detail as shown and move on down to the next step! :D

Step 6.

Finish off the tribal design by connecting the top and bottom parts with the curved lines as shown.

Step 7.

When you erase the guidelines and stray marks and darken it in a bit, this is what your finished picture should look like. And now you know how to draw your own Pisces tribal tattoo! Don't forget to comment and rate! Thank you! ^_^

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Artist: xXMedicGirlXx
Date Added: August 8, 2009
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Description: Well, this is my first tribal art design that I made on my own. And what better to associate a nice tattoo with than your own zodiac symbol? Considering that I'm a Pisces and I didn't see many Pisces tutorials on here, I decided to give it a shot. This tattoo, I think, would look amazing on your lower back or across your shoulders. You might even be able to pull in off as an armband tattoo. Anywho, let's get on with the tutorial. I hope you enjoy this! ^_^