How to Draw a Ship Easy

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We will begin by drawing out the shape of the actual hull of the ship. This is, well, shaped like a boat.


Since I wanted to draw this ship in action, you will need to add the water that is splashing up against the hull. Before you do that, draw a marking line which will act as the two toned divider. Once that is done, you can draw in your splashing waves   


Let us now draw out the top part of the ship's body which is where the captain sits to steer the ship. I have this ship two tiers but you can add more if you want.


Next and lastly, draw the two steam stacks like so, as well as the smoke that is omitting from the top. You will lastly draw the small oval shaped windows that fade out the further down the ship you go. Clean up any mistakes and you're done.


Here is your ship when all is complete. Color her in and show off your work.

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May 10, 2012

Description: Here is a drawing that I really like how it came out. I decided that I'm not gonna sit in front of my computer and make tutorials on only characters or faces from our favorite series and or movies. Today I will be uploading two objects that will help people become better at drawing whatever these objects may be. To start, here is "how to draw a ship easy", step by step. How many times have you sat there and tried your hardest to draw a ship from scratch not knowing how to start, or where to begin? I know I have always shied away from drawing objects like ships, houses, and other structures because they have always been a challenge for me when I was a kid. Instead I stuck with stuff that I thought I could draw. After a while I realized that I needed to broaden my abilities so I started practicing with drawing other things like cars, boats, buildings, etc. I think you will appreciate this tut on drawing a ship easy especially if you have been waiting for a lesson like this for a while. I know it may seem a bit kiddie, but hey, it works and it's easy to replicate. Have fun, and please let me know if you liked this tutorial or what I could have changed about it. All feedback is welcome!

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