How to Draw Sora from Kingdom Hearts


You will start the first step by drawing the shape of the head, then draw in the shape of the torso. You will then add the facial guidelines then draw the arm limbs and torso guideline.


Next, sketch out the angled shape of Sora's face like so, then draw the shape of his neck.


Draw in Sora's face which is a very simple task. Draw the slanted eyebrows, then draw in the eyes, nose and mouth.


Sketch in Sora's crazy looking hairstyle which is all pointed and sharp looking.


Draw the clothing for Sora which is an overcoat. Add the flaps for the hood, then draw in the shirt collar. Add the front lining for the sweater, then move to step six.


Draw the short wide styled sleeves, then draw in the trim detailing on the sleeves, and on the jacket as well.


Next, draw the belt and the rest of the clothing like so and don't forget the buckle.


Lastly, draw the arms, gloves, and then his pants and or jeans. Don't forget to add detailing all over the gloves, and pants. Erase your mistakes and then proceed to see how your drawing should look.


Here is what your line art looks like when you are all done. Now you can color Sora in. Thanks guys and I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

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July 1, 2013

Description: I know I already made a lesson on this character in chibi form from Kingdom Hearts, but he has been getting so many requests for another version of him in a better lesson layout. Here is "how to draw Sora" from Kingdom Hearts, step by step. Sora is the main figure from the Kingdom Hearts game series. Sora is also the character that has possession of the Key Blade, and he is also best friends with Roxas and Kairi. Anyways, I hear tell that there is going to be a new Kingdom Hearts soon so this lesson on drawing Sora is a much needed and requested tut that is long overdo. Have fun people and if there is any other characters from Kingdom Hearts that I don't have as lessons and you would like to see them up at Dragoart, don't hesitate to ask. Peace out mi amigos.

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