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How to Draw Aqua, Kingdom Hearts, Aqua

Artist: Dawn / July 13, 2011
How to Draw Aqua, Kingdom Hearts, Aqua

Step 1.

Aqua is going to be started off just like Terra. Make an oval shape for the head, and then draw out her torso shape with the back of her rising a bit. Add the arm guides and move on.

Step 2.

Sketch out the lower part of her face, and then sketch in the mouth, nose, and eyes. Color in her eyes, and draw in the eyeballs. When you're done move to step three.

Step 3.

Aqua has short hair so it won't be that hard to draw it out. Begin sketching in her hair, and be sure to sketch the bangs pushed to the right in a semi messy manner. Sketch in her neck before leaving this step.

Step 4.

Here you will begin sketching out Aqua's shoulders, and then draw in the cross straps that run along her chest. There is some sort of buckle in the center of the chest that holds the two straps together. Draw a line for the back arch, and move to ste   

Step 5.

One of the things that I loved drawing on Aqua was her shirt. She has these beautiful sleeves that flare out as they flow down her arm. Draw in some layered flaps on the upper arm of the sleeve, and then draw in her arms that are bare.

Step 6.

Sketch out the rest of her upper body and make sure that her waist has a nice shape. Next, draw the hips, and then draw in the wrapping that is tied around her hips and knots at the side. Be sure to take your time so that her top comes out beautifull   

Step 7.

There is only one more step to go guys. Draw out the dress part of her clothing and make sure that it is long and flowing. Add some detailing lines along the sides of her skirt, and then move to step eight where you will finish her off.

Step 8.

Draw out the crotch, and then draw in her legs or thighs like so. You will need to sketch in the ties on the sides of her waist and it should come out looking like some sort of tourniquet. Add lines to create shorts and then draw the gloves on her ha   

Step 9.

Here is what Aqua looks like once you have finished drawing her out. You can now have even more fun coloring her in and now you have both Terra and Aqua as characters from Birth by Sleep.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 13, 2011
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Description: Another popular character from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is Aqua. She is one of the prettiest figures from Kingdom Hearts and like Sora, she too is a Keyblade Wielder. I was asked to make a lesson that can show "how to draw Aqua", step by step and because I already did Terra, I thought that another main figure of the game should be done too. Her other friends include Terra and Ventus and like her friends she too wants to become a Keyblade Master. One of the things I like about the characters from Birth by Sleep is how their colors represent what their names actually mean. For Aqua, her name obviously means water. She is said to be an important character that changes lives in the games story line. I for one have not yet learned what role she plays in the series, but so far I do know that she is one of the main protagonists followed by Terra, and Ventus. Learning "how to draw Aqua" should be pretty easy. Youโ€™re not going to have too much of a difficult time as you tackle this tutorial. In the end I had fun, and because I know a lot of you guys that come to Dragoart are fans of the Kingdom Hearts series, I think you will enjoy this lesson too. I will keep the tutorial momentum going by leaving this description to move onto another, so stay tuned in guys because there is a whole lot more on the way!