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How to Draw Kingdom Hearts

Artist: Dawn / August 8, 2010
How to Draw Kingdom Hearts

Step 1.

Begin by drawing the guidelines. I would recommend using a ruler for this part. Don't worry if this step doesn't seem much, it'll work it's magic once you move on.

Step 2.

Draw the first word of the logo. Start off each letter with care and make sure you stay within the guidelines. Most of the letters have tapered and sharp edges.

Step 3.

Move onto drawing the 2nd word for drawing Kingdom Hearts.

Step 4.

Lastly, draw the heart design in back of the letters. The center of this design is perfectly aligned with the "M" of Kingdom. Be sure to keep the center evenly aligned with the guidelines.

Step 5.

The line art should result to this. If it doesn't look exactly like the line work, then pat yourself on the back anyway for trying out the tutorial. Remember, practice makes perfect! Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 8, 2010
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Description: The video game “Kingdom Hearts” has formed a joyful plague upon avid video gamers. I have never played the game before therefore I cannot give you solid information on what this game is about. The artist who created most of the Final Fantasy characters, contributed in this game series as well. Kingdom Hearts was developed by “Square Enix” and “Disney”. As you know, this game mixes a combination of the popular Disney villains and protagonists and a few cameos of Final Fantasy characters. I remember viewing a video clip of Sephiroth and Cloud fighting. Cloud's design has been revamped as well as Sephiroth's. Over the years from what I learned, there is a Keyblade which Sora holds. This sword is very powerful and fights against a variety of evil creatures. Some of the creatures are known as the “Heartless”. I can see why the game gets its name now. Anyhow, I didn't really get the drawing spot on like the actual game cover did. The art did not consume much of my time. I really enjoyed the colors of the logo and so I mixed the bright colors with a dark background. This contrasts the logo and makes it vivid. Learning ”how to draw Kingdom Hearts” can be very easy because of the simplicity of the letters. The actual logo letters were very complex so I redrew them simplified. I have a basket full of tutorials on ”how to draw Kingdom Hearts characters” in the “Video Games” category underneath “Pop Culture”. If you're looking forward to drawing some of the cool characters, be sure to visit that category. Better yet, search for what your looking for in the search box below the banner. I really hope this tutorial will serve what you were looking for! I have to buy this game one day and rock on with one of my siblings. Good luck and have fun with this tutorial! Don't forget to leave some feedback on whatever you have on your mind about the subject of this game! Peace out.