How to Draw Silver the Hedgehog Easy

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The first thing we will do is draw out the lower portion of Silver's face. This is shaped like a banana so it should be pretty simple to replicate. You will then color in the shape of the nose.


Next, draw out the fury collar of Silver's body, then draw in his mean snarl or mouth.


Instead of drawing out the shape of the face, you will tackle the task of drawing out his lightning chunk spiked hairstyle. The best way to start is to draw the front lining first, then draw the thick chunky spikes like so.


Now you can close up the sides of the face with lines on each side. Draw out oval shapes for the eyes, then color in some pupils. Next, make the lines for the inner ear detailing. You will end this step by making long strand lines on the sides of the   


When you are done your drawing of Silver the Hedgehog should come out looking awesome like the one you see here. Color him in and show folks your work.

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April 17, 2012

Description: Hey folks, it’s me again, Dawn, your fellow artist. Today I will submit some stuff that has been getting a lot of requests. To start, I will do another ‘easy’ tutorial and it will be on "how to draw Silver the Hedgehog easy", step by step. Silver is a cool hedgehog that has a lot of spunk and futuristic appeal. I like his design because it is very modern and gives Silver a strong, bright appeal. As you know Silver is fully equipped with Extreme Gear called ‘Psychic Wave’. Even though Silver is “silver” in color, his board is a purplish or indigo. No one knows what the board is made out of, which is why all people say is how the board is a futuristic mystery, just like Silver. I love how Silver came out and since I know there are plenty of Sonic fans out there, I’m sure most of you will have a blast drawing Silver the Hedgehog easy too. I will return like I always do, so stay put and find something to chew ( I don’t even know what that means). Adios people and I hope you are enjoying your drawing day!

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